Aug 032014

Our lovely model,  Jade, known also as Avant Garde,  wanted a shoot with main theme related to chocolate. Now, if you know us you know how much we (especially Sylwia) like chocolate. So of course we said yes. It is double fun after all, you create funky images and then you can eat all your props. As we shoot around Easter time we decided to play with Easter eggs a little. And so for one of our images we created chocolate landscape (mostly Easter eggs and some cacao powder).

And then we decided to change Jade’s dress into liquid chocolate. Our first attempts were to do it entirely in Photoshop, but try as might, it did not look completely realistic when printed in A3 size.  So we decided to recreate the dress from paper (actually we did separately skirt and different bits of the top part ), pour some hot chocolate over it, take photographs and replace the real dress with a chocolate one. Few bars of Galaxy, many packages of chocolate fudge and one onion (do not even ask!) later we were ready to stitch the dress in Photoshop and….voila. Here it is. Somewhat Avant Garde, don’t you think? 😉


Jul 212014

And so we are back to fantasy, one of our favourite genres. This time Kate Harvey played a role of pretty, innocent and somewhat naive fairy as well as cruel witch who used her charms to catch the fairy and lock it into a bottle…  So again the make-up had to be changed to a big extent and Anitka Kwiat MUA made a great job transforming our model completely. Red dress and black coat are by our talented friend Ewa Jobko.

Here is a backstage shoot and the series of ready images. Have fun!

May 282014

I know, I know, I have neglected the blog and there are so many things to write about. So here we start from the first shoot we had this year (yes, it was in January, time flies). Alisa wanted something related to fashion, and we were in a rather surreal mood. So we decided to go for both things within the same shoot. First there was fun with throwing the red dress until we knew we had enough material to built a blooming rose, then crazy flower pants and at the end we tested Alisa’s balance for the dead Valley image. Not so bad beginning of the year I think…

Dresses, flower underwear,  and the headpiece are by Ewa Jobko, makeup is by Kasia Trela, thank you!

Feb 272014

Kathryn Vinclaire, a very cheerful, lovely and creative model, approached us some time ago asking to make a shoot with some multiplication. Something like the art of surrealist Magritte:  “Let’s use some repetition” she said, “I have an old gramophone, we can multiply the vinyls”. We liked the idea, but to just multiply vinyls would not be a challenge. We thought about it. And we thought more. And we decided to multiply Kathryn herself. But not like Miss Aniela, the same Kathryn times n, that has already been done and too many times. We wanted to multiply Kathryn in such a way that it would not be obvious from the very first look. Thus, we needed a tripod, a nice background, some fancy dresses and a great MUA. Tripod we have, tick it off. Background we had to create: few hours in Nice and Simple, our favourite studio, of attaching a wallpaper using  Blu Tack (and swearing, oh how swearing) and it was done, tick it off. Dresses, not a problem, we are friends with Ewa Jobko after all, tick it off. Great MUA desperately needed, quick, efficient, tireless, ready to change make-ups few times during a relatively short photo shoot. And we were lucky, so very lucky to find Teresa Jolly;  she was transforming Kathryn quicker than we needed for a short cup of tea and we simply loved her work. Great MUA found, tick it off.

And so here it is, Party for One, aka Kathryn Vinclaire times seven. Enjoy :-)

Nov 092013

Our new dress (Phoenix) from wonderful designer Ewa Jobko has arrived so we decided to give it a go and try how it behaves during a photo-shoot. Our friend, Milo, let us use his to-be-rebuilt house as a location, and we spent a funny evening attaching a big flock of origami birds to the ceiling. The neighbours from the opposite building must have thought us completely mad. Especially that Marcin was very fussy and we repositioned many birds quite a few times before he was happy enough with the set-up. And so the next day Chloe did my hair, Kasia made her make-up magics and we had 2 or 3 hours of fun. Here is the first image from this day, “Birds of a feather”, and some warming-up snaps as well. More will come soon.

Our big thanks to Ewa, Milo, Chloe and Kasia