Nov 092013

Our new dress (Phoenix) from wonderful designer Ewa Jobko has arrived so we decided to give it a go and try how it behaves during a photo-shoot. Our friend, Milo, let us use his to-be-rebuilt house as a location, and we spent a funny evening attaching a big flock of origami birds to the ceiling. The neighbours from the opposite building must have thought us completely mad. Especially that Marcin was very fussy and we repositioned many birds quite a few times before he was happy enough with the set-up. And so the next day Chloe did my hair, Kasia made her make-up magics and we had 2 or 3 hours of fun. Here is the first image from this day, “Birds of a feather”, and some warming-up snaps as well. More will come soon.

Our big thanks to Ewa, Milo, Chloe and Kasia

Sep 292013

Six hours of throwing ice cold milk on Dita. Many hours of stitching the dress in Photoshop. Many hours of restarting Marcin’s Macbook which kept collapsing under a weight of so many layers opened. And here it is. A milk pin-up we were planning for so long after wonderful workshops with Jarek Wieczorkiewicz. It was a challenge but also a lot of fun.

Model: Dita

Make-up artist: Sorell Bown

Hair: Kamil Kucharewicz

And here are some backstage images to show you how it was done. Every bit of this dress was actually photographed, nothing was made in Photoshop, we only stitched the splashes together.

May 202013

Here are some images from our latest session with Dita.  We had a great fun making these images!

I wish I could say no beetles were harmed during this shoot, but actually one of them lost two of his legs :-(. Fortunately they were shipped to us already dead so it makes no difference any more, does it?

Nov 062011

Have you ever considered having a portrait or family session taken, but then decided against it, afraid of how you would feel?  We understand that going to a photographic studio may feel awkward and be somewhat intimidating, especially for children. This is why we offer a studio session without hustle and bustle of travelling to the photographer. You do not have to come to us, instead we will bring the studio to your place, so you can enjoy the session in a comfort of your home.  And the results? They will be as good as from a real studio. For some of the examples, see images from Agnieszka and her family session below. All images were taken in Agnieszka’s living room.