Feb 272014

Kathryn Vinclaire, a very cheerful, lovely and creative model, approached us some time ago asking to make a shoot with some multiplication. Something like the art of surrealist Magritte:  “Let’s use some repetition” she said, “I have an old gramophone, we can multiply the vinyls”. We liked the idea, but to just multiply vinyls would not be a challenge. We thought about it. And we thought more. And we decided to multiply Kathryn herself. But not like Miss Aniela, the same Kathryn times n, that has already been done and too many times. We wanted to multiply Kathryn in such a way that it would not be obvious from the very first look. Thus, we needed a tripod, a nice background, some fancy dresses and a great MUA. Tripod we have, tick it off. Background we had to create: few hours in Nice and Simple, our favourite studio, of attaching a wallpaper using  Blu Tack (and swearing, oh how swearing) and it was done, tick it off. Dresses, not a problem, we are friends with Ewa Jobko after all, tick it off. Great MUA desperately needed, quick, efficient, tireless, ready to change make-ups few times during a relatively short photo shoot. And we were lucky, so very lucky to find Teresa Jolly;  she was transforming Kathryn quicker than we needed for a short cup of tea and we simply loved her work. Great MUA found, tick it off.

And so here it is, Party for One, aka Kathryn Vinclaire times seven. Enjoy :-)

Nov 092013

Our new dress (Phoenix) from wonderful designer Ewa Jobko has arrived so we decided to give it a go and try how it behaves during a photo-shoot. Our friend, Milo, let us use his to-be-rebuilt house as a location, and we spent a funny evening attaching a big flock of origami birds to the ceiling. The neighbours from the opposite building must have thought us completely mad. Especially that Marcin was very fussy and we repositioned many birds quite a few times before he was happy enough with the set-up. And so the next day Chloe did my hair, Kasia made her make-up magics and we had 2 or 3 hours of fun. Here is the first image from this day, “Birds of a feather”, and some warming-up snaps as well. More will come soon.

Our big thanks to Ewa, Milo, Chloe and Kasia

Oct 212012

Courtyard at Basilica Menor de San Francisco de Asis

(if your internet connection is slower it may take a moment)

Courtyard at Basilica Menor de San Francisco de Asis, Havana, Cuba, 360 degrees panorama

Jul 232012

Quality Pixels recommends: Luxurious hotels

This is a great hotel, in our opinion much more beautiful inside than out.  The room we stayed in (a suite) was very spacious, with a comfortable bedroom, a separate living room, and beautiful views from a huge balcony. The bathroom was also pretty big and had a lovely rainforest shower. Modern minimalist chic (in wood and glass) with some rustic elements would describe the décor well, with priority given to guests’ comfort.

The staff were genuinely friendly, attentive and very efficient. The food was delicious; breakfast was a real feast with all sorts of bread, pastries and rolls, home made preserves, a huge selection of fruit, cheese and hams, eggs, sausages and sweets. I like to have my morning tea with fresh lemon, and I did not have to ask twice for it; the first day I asked, the next days it was already waiting for me. The dinner was always tasty and portions were huge.

The facilities of the hotel are brilliant; a beautiful heated swimming-pool in a building made from glass, so you can swim admiring stunning landscapes, a well equipped gym, sauna, steam room and lovely quiet rooms, where fresh apples, and mint scented water  are available for guests.  We were totally surprised the hotel is 4 stars and not 5.  We have been in many 5 stars hotels that should bow low in front of the Hotel Kaufmann.


Apr 292012

Even though the Parisien plays second fiddle to the world-famous Tropicana (and to be honest it really is one rung down to it, both costume and dancing-wise), it still delivers brilliant performance that made us smile almost as broadly as its long-legged beautiful show- girls did. The vibrant, extravagant routine (with live music and really nice choreography) tells a story of different cultural influences that have shaped Cuban culture and we could easily follow the plot even though we don’t speak Spanish at all. Add to this colourful feathers, sequins, dazzling head-dresses and incredibly long eye-lashes, and you can depict the cheerful atmosphere of the show. Yes, it was kitsch, and yes, it was cliché, but we still enjoyed every minute of it.

From photography point of view it was a bit tricky, we only had our flashguns with us, and we were not sited in the first row. But we did the best we could to memorise it and so here you can find some of our images and a short video. For more please visit our Facebook page. Enjoy :-)))))