Feb 192013

Click the start button to enter beautiful Jamaican jungle. You will find yourself in lush vegetation of Cranbrook Flower Forest. Enjoy!

Cranbrook flower forest

Cranbrook flower forest

Jan 052013

Our memories once again wander to beautiful Mauritius with its lush foliage and beautiful coast line. There is a gorgeous waterfall in the Chamarel village, by many considered the most beautiful waterfall on the island. Three distinct streams plunge 83 metres down into the gorge. A beautiful place to stop by. Few steps away the “seven-coloured earth” of Chamarel, a geological curiosity, beacons. It is a small area of a mini-desert located within a large, dense forest. The earth is created by volcanic lava that cooled at different temperatures and at different rates, creating rocks of various chemical patterns and colours. The rocks were then pulverized into sands with various shades of red, brown, grey, yellow, and purple.Rains had carved beautiful patterns of many colours into the hillside. It is said that sands of Chamarel have the amazing property of settling into distinct layers: if you take a handful of each of the seven different colours of dirt and mix them together, they’d eventually separate into a colourful spectrum, each dot of sand rejoining its colour caste.

Mauritius,Le Morne, 360 degrees panorama

Sep 222012

The Saint Aubin house is one of the three stops in the Mauritian Tea Route. The estate produces sugar cane which is then processed to make sugar and rum. Visitors can see the manufacture of the last in the estate distillery, where they can taste sugar cane juice and different flavours of rum. They can  also discover the transformation process of the vanilla orchid from the flower to the aromatic pod and visit the Anthurium flowers greenhouses. The estate is set in a beautiful garden, and when you enter panorama by clicking the arrow, please move around until you can see the beautiful tulip tree in bloom, opposite the house.

The Saint Aubin Estate, Mauritius

The Saint Aubin Estate, Mauritius

Feb 062012

We were on our way to the red-roofed church at Cap Malheureux, the most northern point of Mauritius, when we spotted the sparkling white beaches of Grand Gaube and could not resist the temptation to stop. It is a spot of tranquil beauty that can easily lure you away from any plans you may have. If you feel like to cool your feet in crystal clear waters of Indian Ocean, just press the arrow and be patient. The world will whirl around you and suddenly you will be in the middle of it.

White beaches of Grand Gaube - Mauritius

Sep 252011

Our next 360 degrees panorama depicts more secluded part of the beautiful Ile aux Cerfs on Mauritius. After opening the panorama drag your mouse to look around.

Mauritius - Ile aux Cerfs - 360 degrees panorama

The original panorama has 173 Megapixels but this takes too long to dowloadload so please enjoy the 12 Megapixels preview.