- 2018 -

Gold Medal in Advertising/Fashion and overall 1st place in Advertising, Moscow International Photography Awards 2018 (USA)

GPU Bronze Medal, 6th Greek Photographic Circuit 2018 (Greece)

PSA Gold Medal, 50TH Howrah Colour Salon 2018 (India)

PSA Gold Medal, Foto Art Super Circuit 2018 (India)

Two FIP Gold Medals, Ocean International Digital Circuit 2018 (India)

- 2017 -

1st place in category Advertising/Self Promotion, International Photography Awards 2017 (USA)

Bronze Medal, One Eyeland Photography Awards 2017 (India)

FIAP Gold Medal, 5th Indian Golden Digital Circuit 2017 (India)

FIAP Gold Medal, PhotoArt Prague International Photographic Salon (Czech Republic)

FIAP Silver Medal, International Salon of Photography Photo Artist 2017 (Switzerland)

Gold Medal and three Honourable Mentions in Category Advertising,  PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2017 (France)

SAPS Gold Medal, UPI Silver Medal and Salon Bronze Medal, 3rd Borneo International Salon of Photography 2017 (Malaysia)

- 2016 -

Bronze Medal, Pictura International Salon of Photography 2016 (India)

FIAP Gold and Bronze Medals and salon award Medal, Light Summit 2016 (Hungary)

FIAP Gold and DPA Gold Medals, MNE PBK CIRCUIT 2016 (Montenegro)

FIAP Gold Medal, 3rd BOS International Salon of Projected Images 2016 (India)

FIAP Gold Medal, 5th Port Talbot International Salon 2016 (Wales)

FIAP Gold Medal, Salon Gold and Bronze Medals, 25th Trierenberg Super Circuit 2016 (Austria)

FIAP, PSA and GPU Gold Medals, 2nd New Bi-Continental Photo Circuit 2015 (Greece and UA)

Gold Medal and two Honourable Mentions in Category Advertising, PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2016 (France)

Gold Medal, NSAPK Circuit 2016 (Serbia)

Gold Medal, OAFF Photo Award 2016 (Czech Republic)

Gold Medal, two Bronze Medals and Honourable Mention, 2nd Circular Exhibition of Photography CRNA GORA Circuit 2016 (Montenegro)

RPS Gold Medal, and Salon Medal, 103rd Southampton International Exhibition 2016 (England)

Three Honourable Mentions in category Advertising, International Photography Awards 2016

- 2015 -

Best Surrealistic Photo Award, Royal Bengal Art 2015 (India)

FIAP Gold Medal and Salon Gold Medal, 2nd Purbachal International Digital Salon 2015 (India)

FIAP Gold Medal, Honourable Mention and Judges Choice Award, Indian Photo Art International Circuit 2015 (India)

Gold Medal and Best Picture Award, 2nd Digital Composing Contest (Austria)

Gold Medal and Highly Commended Ribbon, 41st Smethwick International Exhibition 2015 (England)

Gold Medal and two Honourable Mentions in Category Advertising,  Gold and Silver Medals and four Honourable Mentions in Category Fine-Art, PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2015 (France)

Gold Medal, DPW WMC Circuit 2015 (Serbia)

PSA Gold Medal, Avon Valley Photographic Salon 2015 (England)

PSA Gold Medal, DPW SER MNE BIH Circuit 2015 (Montenegro)

PSA Gold Medal, Vibrance Circuit 2015 (India)

Salon Bronze Medal and Honourable Mention, 3rd Digifocus International Digital Salon 2015 (India)

Salon Medal and Award Certificate, 102nd Southampton International Exhibition 2015 (England)

SCPS Gold Medal, 23rd SCPS  International Salon 2015 (Singapore)

Two Gold and one Silver Medal, and two Honourable Mentions, 1st Circular Exhibition of Photography 2015 (Serbia)

Two Gold Medals and Best of The Show Award, 24th Trierenberg Super Circuit 2015 (Austria)

Two Gold Medals, Exhibition of Photography "Portrait 2015" (Serbia)

-2014 -

Best Experimental Award, Destination One 2014 (India)

FIAP Gold Medal, 23rd Trierenberg Super Circuit 2014 (Austria)