The two who stole the moon

– Oh Coco, look at the sky, isn’t it the biggest chunk of silver you have ever seen?
– It is dear Horace, it is, but it is so far away. It tempts and tempts and yet no one can get it.
– But I could built a very long ladder…
– That would have to be the biggest ladder in the world.
– And I could climb it.
– But that would be such a long climb. You could starve to death before you get there and back.
– I have big pockets, you know, I could take water and bread and a piece of cheese.
– But you could get tired and fall asleep and fall all the way down.
– Then you would have to stand there and look and catch me if I fall…
– I could do this Horace. After all, this is what I am doing all my life, am I not? But what would you do up there? People say you cannot touch the moon. Look how cold is the light it gives. The warmth of human body could make it disappear. It would start waning and waning and would be gone in a few heartbeats.
– I would not touch it Coco. I would use a butterfly net to catch it.
– But it would have to be the biggest butterfly net in the world.
– And then we could carry it to the market and sell it and have enough money to buy you a hundred of new dresses and a hundred of new pairs of shoes.
– A hundred of new dresses and a hundred of new pairs of shoes – said Coco sleepily and smiled in her dreams.

Models: Coco GJ and Horace Silver
Moon and net: Shortie Props
Hair and make-up: Ety Make Up