Owl is all you need - photoshoot at birds of prey sanctuary

When a friend of yours happens to run a sanctuary for birds of prey, and asks if you want to schedule a session with models, the only possible answer is YES! And so, thanks to Pete Whieldon, we had a chance to work with some magnificent owls and hawks. We scouted the place a day before to check the best spots and how light behaves there at different times of day. Here is Sylwia from our pre-shoot session. 

There was a heat wave going through UK and the day of our shoot was super hot, so we needed to be very careful to not put birds in any discomfort. But their caregivers (Pete, Sam, and Katie) were with us at all times, taking care of them and also of us. We had three wonderful models for this day: Jezeblelle, Misha and Katie (who knows all the birds very well), and Jules to deal with make-ups and hair. We worked with Barn Owl babies (Ace and Sky), Bengal Owl (Tikka), Eurasian Eagle Owl (Sammy), Little Owl (Roo), Tawny Owls (Oakley and Woody) and hawk (Ike). Dresses from Ewa Jobko and Adrianna Ostrowska worked beautifully in the woodland settings, even if we had to wash one of them as an emergency (I will spare you the details :P). Here are some images and the BTS video clip from the day.  Big thank you to the whole team!